Elements of a Public Procurement Policy for India

2015 | CUTS International

There is neither a formal public procurement policy nor law in India. There is a pressing need for both, as rules without law lack enforceability and law without policy support suffers from a lack of coherent justification or rationale for the provisions made. When one of many options has been selected to address a particular issue, the need for justification in terms of national perspective/ international obligation/ best practice has to be enunciated through a policy. Hence, this paper advocates for the adoption of a public procurement policy and provides for some of the major elements that the policy should espouse. This paper suggests elements of public procurement policy in India which would reflect the current needs of the nation by examining the subject under three main headings: i) reorientation needed in the policy and legislation to bring it in tune with current preoccupations of the government; ii) enduring principles which the new policy must continue to uphold; and iii) coherence which the public procurement policy must maintain with other major macro-level policies of the country.

Download Here: Discussion Paper