Engagement with Sustainability Concerns in Public Procurement in India: Why and How

2013 | The Energy and Resources Institute
Twenty per cent of the GDP or INR 12 to 15 lakh crore per annum is spent on public procurement in India. Given the massive size of public spending, public sector in India can be a prime driver towards sustainable production and consumption and can create environmental and economic benefits. In Brazil, procurement of recycled paper notebooks in middle and higher schools has helped in saving 8 million litres of water, 1,766 tonnes of waste, 241 kg of organo halogen compounds from procurement of 17,97,866 high and 19,94,149 middle school kits. This policy brief explores how the public sector, by showing its commitment to sustainable public procurement (SPP), can give an impetus to investment in research and innovation for sustainable technologies. In recent decades, governments across the world have become increasingly conscious about the adverse and undesirable impact of their purchases on society and environment, and are adopting SPP practices facilitated by legal reforms and policy guidelines.

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