Promoting Transparency and Efficiency in Public Procurement: eProcurement Initiatives by Government of India

24 April 2010 | 7th International Conference on E-Government 2010, IIM Banglore, India

The purpose of this paper is to study various e-procurement initiatives of Government of India and ascertain the importance of these measures in public procurements. The paper also aims to explore the ways in which these e-procurement initiatives would result in cost savings to exchequer by increasing operational efficiency, transparency, competition among bidders and organizational effectiveness during the recessionary times, especially through automation of manual processes. The research methodology followed included analysis based on an elaborate study of various government policies and guidelines and their impact. Fact findings are provided through journal articles, information hosted on government portals, statues, rules, regulations and government resolutions relating to e-procurement and government purchasing. Select case studies of various successful implementations of e-Procurements in India and informal interaction with various stake holders of eProcurement system was also undertaken. The study concludes that though National e-Government Plan has been initiated by Government of India and various policy guidelines also exist to facilitate e-Procurement, further measures are necessary to promote and successfully implement e-Procurement for public purchases.

Download Here: Full Paper

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