WTO Plurilateral Agreement on Government Procurement, Market Access Opportunities & Challenges for India

October 2013 | CUTS International

The current study undertakes an assessment of opportunities and challenges which India is expected to encounter if it decides to negotiate to accede to the GPA. It presents factors which could inform decision makers and sectoral stakeholders while making the crucial decision on when accession should be undertaken, if at all, and the manner in which welfare objectives can be imbued in the negotiations. An economic analysis indicates market access opportunities in GPA member-countries, and non-GPA member-countries of the WTO. Further, an anatomisation of the commitments concluded by member-countries to the GPA presents insights on nuances in negotiating GPA commitments which can add value to an acceding country. As expectations about new entrants entity offer is based on economic equivalence, the study seeks to understand the weight of an entity offer.

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